Belt Weigher Indicators

The OJ1436, OJ436, OJ426P and OJ446 Belt Weigher Indicators connects with the loadcell fitted to the Belt Weigher Mechanism from which it generates a calibrated weight signal. It also connects with a proximity switch, operating as a digital tacho, from which it recieves pulses in proportion tom belt movement. From these two inputs and from calibration and control data held in its system memory it continuously calculates the flow of material over the belt and the totalized quantity of material transferred. 

Access to all control and calibration data is password protected.


The OJ1436 is developed to make the everyday work as easy as possible but still with a state of the art solution for belt weigher installations. It has a high resolution touchscreen display and guides you through simple step-by-step routines for calibrations, tares and other tasks.

The basic model contains a serial interface RS232/485, USB port, four relay outputs and two digital inputs. There are also a variety of options such as Analogue Output and Network Connectivity options including Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, Profibus DP and Device Net. A periodic data logging feature is provided to allow continuous storage of process data internally and/or to a USB flash drive.

OJ1436 is available for 10-36V DC or 85-264V AC power supply.

Please read the Datasheet for all features here.


Belt Weigher Indicator OJ436 is specially produced for continuous weighing of material an a conveyor belt. All material which passes the Belt Weigher is added in the totals with easy acces via the front panel keys. With its small enclosure, easy handling and high reliability, it has become very popular amongst our customers.

The basic model contains a serial interface RS232/485 and has four relay outputs and two digital inputs. There are also different options such as Analogue Output and Bus Connectivity options including CANopen, DeviceNet and Profibus DP.

The Multi-drop communication allows a PC to monitor Belt Weigher Indicators in the Belt Weigher Monitor software via direct serial, ethernet or GSM modem connection. The software can store the information in csv-files.

Universal fused power supply 85-264V AC or 10-36V DC. 
Panel mounting DIN case IP65 front seal
144mm wide x 72mm high X 132mm deep
Cut-out: 138mm wide x 68mm high


The OJ436 is now available in a IP67 Die-Cast
Aluminium enclosure. Exceptional for wall mounting.
200mm wide x 170mm high x 90mm deep.


Dynamic Tare, Calibration & Deadband adjustment by simple pushbutton operation. Automatic Zero adjustment. Choice of Kgs/Hour or Tonnes/Hour flow rate display. Resettable and non-resettable totals and a separate total with 1kg resolution for test weighing purposes. Continuous transmission of flow rate or totals to a remote dipslay. Printed records wtih time and date. Maintenance data such as tacho speed and load cell signal. Belt stopped and system healthy monitoring. External resettable counter per 100kg optional.


Belt Weigher Transmitter OJ426P is made for PLC-systems with Profibus DP-communications. The features are very similar to OJ436, but with a smaller display and without the relay-outputs. Local buttons/display provides access to all data settings, flow and total. Remote access to data and calibration via Profibus DP. DIN Rail or wall mount options.

Universal fused power supply 85-264V AC or 10-36V DC

W140xH128xD60 on DIN Rail, D35 on wall mount.


Belt Feeder Controller OJ446   has the same Belt Weigher functions as the OJ436 but works also as a weigh belt feeder or batch controller. 

From the flow rate reading, it accurately controls a 4-20mA analogue output signal to the variable speed motor drive, achieving a pre-set target feed rate. It may also be used to control the feeding of a preset quantity of material, t his batch control mode is a configurable option available on all models. 

The display may be selected to Actual Rate, Target Rate or Target Total at any time via the front panel keys.  
The preset material feeding or target total may be entered via the keypad or downloaded serially via the serial RS232/485 communications link to a PC or PLC. Start/stop via digital inputs.
There is an option with an Analogue Remote Control, which provides an additional 4-20mA analogue input. 

OJ446 has the same power options as OJ436. 

Panel mounting DIN case IP65 sealed. 
144mm wide x 96mm high X 132mm deep 
Cut-out: 138mm wide x 92mm high. 


Provides rate and total information while controlling the flow rate of material into process. Stored feed rate characteristics. Choice of Kgs/Hour or Tonnes/Hour feed rate control and display. Both Resettable an Non-Resettable Totals. Out-of-tolerance and control limit alarms. Batching control with in-flight compensation.