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Tachometer G2-20 An NPN Inductive Proximity Switch reads the pulses in the laser-cut pulse-disc, the Belt Weigher Indicator then transforms this into correct beltspeed. 

Any variation in the belt speed is recognized by the Tachometer. 
The lenght of the Tachometer is 500mm

CABINET 3320/4320/4420

This cabinet is used for all our Belt Weighers which have the Belt Weigher indicator placed outdoors. The cabinet in the picture is fitted on the frame of a Crawlmaster. Cabinet 3320 can fit one or two Belt Weigher Indicators. We use bolts with a rubber distance to minimize vibrations. When more than two Belt Weigher Indicators are installed, we use Cabinet 4320, which has place for 2-3 Indicators or Cabinet 4420 for 4 Indicators. 

For all cabinets there is a cowl available, this gives good protection from downfalling material and heavy weather.

CABINET 3320 H300 X W300 X D200 (COWL H385 X W345 X D300) 
CABINET 4320 H400 X W300 X D200 (COWL H485 X W345 X D300)
CABINET 4420 H400 X W400 X D200 (COWL H485 X W456 X D300)


For mounting on walls indoors. 
Measures: H140 x W180 x D143.


The cabinet panel can be equiped with external counters x100kg, these have backlight.


We use a specially made cable for our Belt Weighers, it is very tolerant for both heat and cold.
Facts: 5 x 2 x 0.34 PVC/PUR AL/CY